Break Down The Walls
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
Album: TBA
Episode: "Rockers & Writers"
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 1:05 (on show)
Austin & Ally chronology
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Next: "A Billion Hits"

"Break Down The Walls" is a pop song written by Ally Dawson, for Austin Moon, when he needs a second song to perform on The Helen Show in the episode Rockers & Writers. In reality, the song was written by Matthew Tishler and Amy Power. It is the second song ever featured in Austin & Ally.



Stop, Hiding out in the shadows
Scared to show the world you exist
Lock yourself in the darkness
The world is so much brighter than this.
Yeah, if you never take a shot
You're never gonna win.
So turn it all around

And break down the walls, whoa
Don't be afraid to let them fall
Break down the walls, whoa
After you did you have it all
Come on and give it everything you can
Take a chance, make a stand and
Break, break, break, break down the walls
Break down the walls, wa-oh
Break down the walls, wa-oh
Come on and take a chance, make a stand and
Break, break, break, break down the walls
(Break down the wall)


  • This song is (partially) directed towards Ally's stage fright.
  • This song was the first song Austin and Ally wrote together.
  • Austin and Ally had to pull an all nighter to write this song.
  • Even though this song was meant for Austin to perform on The Helen Show, it is unknown if he actually did.

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