Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom






Lester Dawson


Miami, Florida

# of locations

1 (known)

Known Workers

Ally Dawson
Lester Dawson
Dallas (Temporarily)

Sonic Boom is Ally's parents music store located in the Mall of Miami, in Miami, Florida. Ally is a cashier there and her dad is the manager. Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez use the practice room to write, sing, practice, and film videos, and for Ally, to come up with new ideas. It is the central location of the show.


All episodes.


  • In real life, there is actually is a store named Sonic Boom in Miami, Florida. However, it sells electronics, instead of instruments.
  • In some episodes, there was food in the store, but Ally didn't tell anyone there's no eating in the store.


  • There's no eating in the store (major rule)
  • Only employees can take instruments off the display.
  • No playing the instruments without buying them.
  • No taking things without permission.

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